UV Gel polish Nano color paste for nail /colorant

Application: Gel polish for nail
Product advantages:
High quality pigments. High pigment content. The color is stable. Low viscosity. Excellent light fastness. Weather resistance. Acid and alkali resistant. High temperature resistance. Excellent dispersion and fluidity. Excellent compatibility. Strong tinting strength. Resistance to migration. Colorful. Strong color fastness. Strong hiding power. Does not affect the internal structure of the substrate.

Our advantage:

1. We have our own R&D lab and factory (ODM).

2. Sample service support, can provide a variety of color paste.

3. Excellent technical service support, can provide nail polish guidance formula.

4. Perfect after-sales service, can provide foreign after-sales service.

5. More than ten years industry experience, accounting for more than 60% of the market share of UV Gel polish Nano color paste in Guangzhou.