UV Gel polish Nano color paste for nail /colorant

Product advantages: High quality pigments. High pigment content. The color is stable. Low viscosity. Excellent light fastness. Weather resistance. Acid and alkali resistant. High temperature resistance. Excellent dispersion and fluidity. Excellent compatibility. Strong tinting strength. Resistance to migration. Colorful. Strong color fastness. Strong hiding power. Does not affect the internal structure of the substrate.

Shoes field

The mobility of the pigment with the different production conditions and adjust, it can be pre-added to the polyurethane polyol can also be joined by color pump a total of Mixed in advance. Does not increase the cycle time of the whole process.

The automotive sector

Good dispersion, excellent pigment dispersion technology, with excellent physical and chemical properties to ensure that the best dispersion to meet the automotive interior parts of the various requirements. Excellent weather resistance, stability, best yellowing resistance, weather resistance, so that each batch of products have no color.

应用:水性指甲油  特点: 1、分散性好,优异的颜料分散技术,具有优秀物理化性质,确保了最佳的分散性,可以满足化妆品各种要求。 2、优异的耐候性、稳定性,最佳的耐黄变、耐候性。 3、产品色泽艳丽,光泽度高。

Acrylic field

Heat, light, resistance to migration, acid, does not affect the internal structure of the substrate. Good miscibility, the viscosity of the end of tinting strength. Selection of high quality Pigments, to ensure that its excellent quality.

Unsaturated polyester paste

The high pigment content and low viscosity. Excellent light fastness, weather resistance, high temperature. Colorful, color fastness.

Artificial marble paste

Artificial marble due to manual adjustment of the color range, pliability, convergence processing is not obvious, the overall sense is very strong, and more brilliant Color, ceramic gloss, high hardness, appearance and difficult to damage, corrosion resistance, high temperature and is very easy to clean.