Shoe painting

一、Chemical properties
1、With high pigment content, low viscosity, tinting strength and color stability;
2、With excellent adhesion, mobility, strong hiding power, excellent weathering resistance and anti-migratory.
3、Ease of construction, the film is smooth.
二、Range of applications
1、PU outsole, midsole, PVC soles and shoe spray;
2、Range: -20 ℃ -40 ℃ Drying time: 25 ° C dry 5 minutes, hard work 24-36 hours, the film is completely dry for at least 24 hours;
3、Before the substrate surface treatment. Impurities must be removed clean and dry.
1、Stir before using. Must seal the lid after use.
四、Safety Precautions
1、Stored in a cool, dry place. Away from the fire source, not to smoke in the work area.
2、Construction should be noted that the air circulation, and should wear a mask or face mask when spraying.
3、To avoid contamination of skin and inhalation of paint spray, such as stained eyes, should immediately rinse with water, or seek medical attention.
Packaging and transportation of 20 kg / barrel