Company Profile

  Merck - for the chemical industry into different vigor

  Guangzhou City, Mo Ke chemical limited company is a technology specializing in the production of manufacturing enterprises. Have their own independent technology research and development center and production base and professional color center, industries covered, polyurethane, auto parts, leather, shoe materials, PU wood, all product development and technology from abroad. We are committed to the introduction and promotion of foreign advanced products and technology, take the foreign advanced experience to serve customers。

  As a special chemical manufacturing enterprise, specializing in high-end business, our core business is the pigment paste, rubber, special chemicals research and development, manufacturing and marketing.

Help customers to develop, the implementation of customized system solutions. In the chemical industry's core areas, Merck chemical has core expertise covers chemicals and application technology, excellent products and production processes, but also our employees to promote successful and enterprising force. "

Our advantages: stable color, pigment content, excellent dispersibility, fluidity, covering power strong, excellent weatherability and resistance to migration.

The company's goal is through innovative products, optimize the production process and a new concept for customers and companies to create more value.