How different industries to choose the release agent

[ ] and online news release agent at present many kinds of choice, is particularly much, some manufacturers also use the network" group purchase" release agent. Method it is much. To select a suitable own enterprises with the release agent, sometimes will look to dazzle. Today the United States network mall limited industrial supplies expert Luo Baihui to lead everyone familiar with the release agent of the industry application. Release agent classification are: plastic mold release agent, release agent, silicone rubber release agent, aluminum alloy mold release agents and other 10 kinds of types. Today we will analysis just plastic mold release agent.

One, home appliance industry

Household electrical appliance industry for all electric and small household electrical appliances, general electric release agent for all selection of mold release agent, color TV, refrigerator, comparing said washing machine of these products to use oily. Why, because of his large area for injection molding, demolding time, adhesion is relatively large, so to use oily release. While the small appliances in general would choose the situation is more, dry, neutral, oily will have the use of. We take an example, compare the juice machine, housing is transparent, after molding certainly hope not leave oil, so choose dry release agent.

In two, the toy industry

Toy industry selection is relatively wide, dry, neutral, oily will be used, however, dry is used more. Because the toy industry is mostly small toys, and one point is, injection is completed, the product surface can not leave oil but also many manufacturers hope to do, in this regard Huarun plastic electronic supplies do is very good.

On the mold release agent used in toy car above is also common, the prevalence of large electric toy car will be used. Can / add interest to me.

In three, the optoelectronic industry

Optoelectronic industry with a release agent are mostly dry release agent and special dry release agent, this is because the industry to the photoelectric products, most of which is transparent, the surface finish requirements are particularly high. And if we in the injection molding of long time under a number of oil, presumably to our product is not so beautiful. So, we are vulnerable.

In four, the medical industry

Medical industry is currently on release agent requirements are highest, to achieve some medical level test, Huarun plastic electronic supplies current customer group of Yongsheng is to do this one, usually choose to use dry mold release agents mainly.

Five, living supplies

Living supplies including things particularly much, such as our common washbasin, harbor, flashlight, toothbrushes and so on, these products are used in the injection time, these products are generally have the option of using neutral release agent, use effect is very good.

Everywhere around us will use these products, see myself how to find, if subtle to observe, we can find a lot of. Not only the home appliances, toys, medical, photoelectric, these industries. Another point is that, choose suitable use of release agent, try on, there is a saying that now, more practical, good results!