Environmental science and technology rubber shoe raw material so that the soles are not moldy

September 28th - the traditional leather shoes, in the hot environment easy to the sole surface on the layer of gray, as the sole" mildew". This is called" frosting" phenomenon of the footwear quality problems, has seriously affected the appearance of shoes. But in September 26th the end of the fourteenth session of the China Wenzhou International Leather Exhibition and the 2009International Footwear manufacturing techniques and materials exhibition, Zhejiang Shi Feng Industrial Company Limited production of the RSR a new generation of environmental protection science and technology of rubber shoe materials shoe materials successfully resolved the shoes" frosting" problem.

Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Center Exhibition on the first floor of 2international shoes and shoes of the museum, a5meters high in the huge monster aroused the interest of all, inside layer by layer be riotous with colour the small particles are is Zhejiang Shi Feng Industrial Company Limited "secret weapon". According to the company's general manager Jin Hongsong introduction, these small particles is a new generation of environmental protection science and technology of rubber shoe materials shoe materials, is the company and Sinopec Yueyang branch and the Polymer Research Institute of Sichuan University the together with the R & D three years after the" crystal", is currently the nation 's first. It has no frosting, anti-skid performance, high wear resistance and other 19properties, the most important is, the sole is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection of the sole, in the production process of the cancelled painting link, directly from the mold machine made products, but also the sole after using recyclable use.

In the pavilion, many heel, in the floor, metal decorative buckle new products such as footwear suppliers are playing the " environmental protection and fashion" brand, Wenzhou Orly shoes limited company is shouted " is committed to in the end, support for environmental protection" slogan.