International oil prices gradually stabilized polyurethane industry needs to pick up

International oil prices to stabilize gradually. Brent WTI,77.69, oil prices at $91.36 a barrel, compared to last week fell 0.65%, up 2.39%; Southeast Asia ethylene (CFR ) rose 1.52% to $934/ ton, Chinese propylene ( CFR ) was up0.16% to 1273 U.S. dollars / ton; Texas natural gas rose 10.63% to $2.81/mbtu. International oil prices in January fall about 14%, to maintain the oil continues to drop the space is not judgment.

Natural rubber demand is expected to increase in the 3 quarter, glue price will get support. Natural rubber ( Tianjin ) reported 23500 yuan / ton, relatively small last week to drop 0.42%; synthetic rubber and plastic products prices, in which styrene butadiene rubber ( East China) reported 16300 yuan / ton, the week up3.16%; ABS ( East China) reported 14600 yuan / ton, the week up2.10%. Downstream tire demand is expected in 3quarter appears more apparent growth, natural rubber prices may at the current position to obtain strong support.

Butadiene rises in price. Maoming butadiene rose 5.77% to 16500yuan / ton, butyl acrylate fell 4.31% to 11100yuan / ton, benzene fell 2% to 7350 yuan / ton, acetate, toluene, xylene, and last week the price level.

Nitrogen fertilizer prices return to rational, glyphosate continued price rises. Shandong urea prices fell 3.04% to 2230yuan / ton, ammonium chloride fell 7.2% to 1160yuan / ton, ammonium nitrate fell 4.76% to 2000yuan / ton. Diammonium phosphate and potash fertilizer in Qinghai maintain stability. Glycine to keep the price of10550 yuan / ton, glyphosate prices rose2.64% to27200 yuan / ton. Good benefit from the price of ammonium nitrate explosive industry.

Phosphorus chemicals market dull. Hubei phosphate ore price for 560yuan / tons of yellow phosphorus; Yunnan fell 0.98% to15100 yuan / ton,5000yuan / tons to maintain phosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate declined slightly by 0.77% to 6450yuan / ton.

Chemical products prices showed signs of stabilising. Cotton prices rose slightly last week, to drive the viscose staple fiber prices rose slightly in 1.04%, reported 14600 yuan / ton. Nylon and spandex FDY40D to keep the price of25900 yuan / ton and 46000yuan / ton. Polyester raw materials and products are still in the lower channel, ethylene glycol reported 6375 yuan / ton, the week decline range2.67%; PTA reported 7100 yuan / ton, the week decline range3.07%; polyester staple fiber ( Zhejiang) reported 9600 yuan / ton, the week decline range2.54%. At present, the downstream demand has appeared gradually warmer signs, if the rebound in oil prices, chemical products prices expected to synchronous pick-up.

Polyurethane product prices. Rigid foam polyether ( East China) reported 10800 yuan / ton, the week up4.35%, mainly because the downstream appliances such as field into the production of season. MDI ( East ) for 22250yuan / ton, polymerization of MDI ( East China) reported 17550 yuan / ton, down 0.28%; TDI ( East China) reported 21650 yuan / ton, down 0.23%. Compared with the start of the year, MDI price is strong, while the downstream product prices, Yantai Wanhua2quarter performance will be better in the1quarter.

Refrigerant prices continue to fall. Fluorite to keep the price of2000 yuan / ton, refrigerant R22prices fell 4.55% to 10500yuan / ton, R134a fell 5.88% to 32000yuan / ton.